About IFP

The Risk International Financial Program (IFP) was established in 2006 and has proven to be a great experience for students and a great success for companies. Previous research destinations include Argentina, Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica & Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Cuba, India, Tanzania and Peru. The destination of the IFP 2022 is Chile! The participating students are active in the fields of Economics & Business. Our students have a high level of financial knowledge, are internationally oriented and have research experience. 


About FSG

Risk is the Study Association for the financially interested student at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. With over 1250 members, Risk is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. Risk closes the gap between theory and practice in the areas of Finance, Accountancy & Controlling, Management Accounting & Control, and International Financial Management.