About IFP

The FSG International Financial Program (IFP) was established in 2006 and has proven to be a great experience for students and a great success for companies. Previous research destinations include Argentina, Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica & Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Cuba, India, Tanzania and Peru. The destination of the IFP 2022 is Chile! The participating students are active in the fields of Economics & Business. Our students have a high level of financial knowledge, are internationally oriented and have research experience. 

IFP Board Info-Meeting 

The IFP board 2021-2022 is very excited to meet all of you potential board candidates during a coffee meeting! This meeting will give us the opportunity to provide insights into all of our personal experiences of the past year. In short, the IFP board consists of five members; being the chairman, PR & logistics and three external relations members of which one is also occupied with being the treasurer. 

Would you like to develop yourself further personally and gain various skills within sales, consultancy and research? Enrich your student life by having social events every other week and meet many new people within IFP and FSG? Gain international experience by conducting multiple researches in and travel through an emerging country of choice? Then an IFP board-year is the perfect opportunity for you!

More information about a IFP board year

About FSG

With over 1500 members, FSG is one of the most active and most professional study associations in the Netherlands. With our mission, we try to close the gap between theory and practice for students, who are interested in the financial world. We focus on the following fields and students: 

  • Accountancy & Controlling 
  • Finance 
  • International Financial Management 
  • Management Accounting & Control 
  • Financially interested Students

Each year we organise many activities for our (Active) Members. Furthermore, we offer study support, socials to help students meet their fellow financial students, and most importantly we help prepare students for the labour market by bringing students in contact with their potential future employers.