I think the International Financial Program is an initiative with much potential. It is good to see that motivated students are already willing to put effort into firms besides their regular study program. I recommend this program to companies that see chances in emerging economies and that just need that extra step in the right direction.
Erik. A. Jens - Global Head Diamond & Jewellery Clients ABN AMRO

The International Financial Program is already conducting research for eleven years. During these years we have build up an advisory board consisting of the following people:

Dhr. Klaas Knot Dhr. Philip Rompa
Dhr. Elmer Sterken Dhr. Ryan Tewari
Dhr. Jan Willem Velthuijsen Dhr. Alphonsus Stoelinga
Dhr. Dick de Waard Dhr. Dirk Swagerman
Dhr. Bart Jan Koopman Dhr. Vikas Chaturvedi
Dhr. Peter den Oudsten Dhr. Erik Jens
Dhr. René Paas  

In the past the International Financial Program conducted research in:

2019: Tanzania 2013: Brazil
2018: India 2012: Panama & Costa Rica
2017: Cuba 2010: Mexico
2016: Vietnam 2009: Brazil
2015: Colombia 2008: Malaysia & Indonesia
2014: Peru 2007: Argentina

Previous partners of the International Financial Program are among others:

Examples of topics that were covered in our researches:
- The fiscal climate in Panama
- General market and investment research
- The expansion of the Panama Canal & Panama's banking climate
- The labour conditions in Mexico

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