Promising sectors

Potential research subjects
Potential research topics are endless. These largely depend on the needs and wishes expressed
by the participating companies. Initially, participants will come up with suggestions for research
topics or amplify ideas proposed by the company. Examples of study designs are:
• Business development
• Risk analysis
• Investment analysis
• Market analysis
• Distributer analysis
• Competitive analysis
• Import- and export analysis
• Feasibility research

Maritime and Logistics
Mexico is strategically positioned amidst major international shipping routes that traverse the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. With its flourishing economy, the Mexican government had placed significant emphasis on enhancing its maritime sector. Various innovation initiatives are being implemented across multiple industry domains, including port development, dredging activities, infrastructure enhancements, warehouse facilities, and advancements in maritime technology.

Mexico is the 12th largest oil producer in the world. This creates opportunities for Dutch oil companies and offshore companies. However, renewable energy is also becoming increasingly important. The country is actively seeking investors for clean energy and has adjusted its legislation and policy goals accordingly. Mexico is aiming for 50% green energy consumption by 2050. There are huge opportunities in solar, wind and hydropower.

Agrifood and horticulture are promising sectors in Mexico. Approximately 60 percent of Mexican agricultural exports are destined for the United States.
There is a need for Dutch knowledge in this sector, for example in the field of sustainability. This knowledge can play an important role in the development of greenhouse horticulture, but also in improving production chains for tropical fruits, such as avocados and limes.

Automotive industry 
Mexico is a key player in the automotive industry. Cars and parts made in Mexico are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on innovation and design, and more advanced cars are being produced. In this sector, there are opportunities for Dutch suppliers and service providers in advanced technology and quality management.

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