Why would you join the International Financial Program (IFP) to conduct research for your organization in Tanzania? Former partners of the IFP have been very positive regarding the results of the research. In brief, the unique selling points of the IFP are: 

High quality 
The research is conducted by 21 motivated, senior students with diverse (financial) academic backgrounds. These students are guided by three professors of the University of Groningen during the whole research period. These professors have extensive experience in conducting research, both at an academic and at a corporate level. Hence, the IFP is able to offer high quality research.

Specific knowledge 
The IFP selects students from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. Therefore, they have specific, academic knowledge about business and finance. By applying this knowledge, they are able to conduct high quality research in these areas. Since students with different academic backgrounds are involved in the project, the quality of the research is increased by the complementarity of students’ knowledge.

Tailor-made research at cost price 
The IFP conducts tailor-made, professional research at cost price. The program is primarily focused on enabling students to gain practical research experience. Therefore, companies only pay for the costs that are made during the preparation phase and the field research phase. The IFP is by no means aimed at making a profit.

Since its start in 2006, the IFP has performed many successful researches in several emerging economies, both in Latin-America and Asia, which resulted in satisfied participating companies.

The researches of the IFP are conducted by students who are not affiliated to any company by any means. Therefore, the researches are independent and objective and all findings will be treated confidentially.

The International Financial Program gives your company the opportunity to make valuable contacts with the participating students. We selected a group of knowledgeable, highly motivated students with diverse backgrounds. Next to the research that we offer, we can also offer in-house days. If desired, one of our external relations managers would be delighted to elaborate those possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact one of our external relations managers here if you are interested!

Supervising professors
The IFP is supervised by the following experienced professors:
Prof. Dr. Jan Willem Velthuijsen
After graduating as an econometrician at the University of Amsterdam, Jan Willem Velthuijsen moved to the contract research unit of the economics department of the University of Amsterdam, SEO Economic Research. During the fifteen years he worked for SEO Economic research he gained experience in studying a wide spectrum of fields. He specialized in applied economic and policy research. In 1995 he acquired a Doctorate at the University of Groningen and in 1997 he was appointed professor. In 1999 he started at PwC, where he became responsible for setting up a Competition and Regulation team. During this period he worked on assignments on economic issues, such as regulatory and other economic disputes, competition clearance, dominance, state aid and cartels, and economic modelling of policy effectiveness or economic impact. In 2014 he was appointed as Chief Economist. Next to his work at PwC, he is associated with the University of Groningen as a professor of economics.

Prof. Dr. Jim A. Emanuels
Jim Emanuels graduated in business economics and accountancy at the University of Groningen. He started his career at Coopers and Lybrand and was partner at KPMG Consulting and its legal successors from 1998 until 2005. In 2006 he co- founded Tacstone, a consulting and venturing company. Jim focusses on advising and supporting boards and managers in the areas of strategy, new business planning, risk management and digital transformation. Jim attained a PhD degree 1995 and was appointed professor in accounting information systems and internal control in 2003. His research includes (strategic) risk management and internal control assessment and reporting.

Dr. Bartjan W. Pennink
Dr. Bartjan W. Pennink is Assistant Professor at the department of GlobalEconomics and Management. After his study of Sociology at the University of Groningen, he started to work there in 1984. In 2004 he finished his PhD. The last ten years the focus of his research is on modeling the process of Local Economic Development. For his research he travels to Indonesia and Tanzania in order to collect data in remote regions. From this focus the connection with sustainable business models has been made: Which factors support the cooperation of involved actors? Moreover, which values if shared stimulate local economic and social development?
In his teaching he is involved in courses on Corporate Social Responsibility (MSc), on Organizational Theory (BSc) and on Project Management for Humanitarian Actions (MSc). Also, from 2015 on, he is a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Finance Management in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Next to the regular programs he participates in the Honours Master programs of the University of Groningen by a Masterclass on Ubuntu and a Masterclass on New (Sustainable) Business Models.

Prof. Dr. Velthuijsen Prof. Dr. Emanuels Dr. Pennink
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