Why the IFP project is valuable to your business

What we do

The International Financial Program (IFP) offers a combination of custom-made desk and field research for companies in or heading to The Philippines. By possessing a wide range of knowledge almost any type of research can be performed. After four months of desk research in the Netherlands, the group of students and professors travel to the Philippines where research will be conducted for two and a half weeks. During this field research a lot of information will be gathered and analyzed. All this information, in combination with the information from the desk research phase, is used to write reports which answer and conclude the research. After this process the findings will be presented to your company. 

Who are we

The IFP consists of 20 bachelor- and master students, a group of senior students all following a study at the faculty of Economics and Business at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG). Due to this, the group possesses an extensive amount of financial knowledge, is internationally oriented and has research experience. The group is composed by a strict selection process, which is based on a student’s study results, curriculum vitae and motivation. The selection process ensures a highly motivated group of students with excellent knowledge. 

The students are guided and assisted by two professors from the RUG who have decades of experience in the academic, consultancy and business economics world. Also, the IFP is supported and advised by the Advisory Board. This is a composed group of people with a lot of corporate life experience, who are currently working in a noteworthy position. Think about partners of big multinationals, directors of banks, and members of the Dutch provincial states. By combining all the experience and knowledge from the students, professors and the Advisory Board, the quality of the projects is ensured and lifted to an even higher level.

During the last 16 years, IFP has conducted successful, high-quality research over the whole world. By possessing a lot of business and finance knowledge, we are able to offer tailor-made research at cost price. IFP is by no means aimed at making a profit. The research of the IFP is conducted by students who are not affiliated to any company by any means. Therefore, the researches are independent and objective and all findings will be treated confidentially.


Mr. Erik Jens
CEO Diamonds & Jewellery Clients at ABN AMRO:
"I think the International Financial Program is an initiative with much potential. It is good to see that motivated students are already willing to put effort into firms besides their regular study program. I recommend this program to companies that see chances in emerging economies, and that just need that extra step in the right direction."

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