We are delighted to announce that the IFP 2021-2022 location will be Chile! 

Chile is an emerging country, but belongs to one of the largest economies in Latin-America. Investing in Chile can yield a lot for Dutch companies. Reasons for this are excellent business prospects, improved logistics and the open trading climate. Chile’s free and dynamic market reflects the rankings of institutions that annually measure competitiveness around the world. Additionally, Chile has signed trade agreements with more than 60 countries, expanding its domestic market with millions of potential customers on a global scale. Therefore, many Dutch entrepreneurs are already successfully active on the Chilean market and this number is continuously growing.

Sustainable Energy
During the last years, Chili has been very progressive with regards to sustainable energy. Right now 20% of Chile’s energy is being generated from the sun, wind, and geothermal energy. It is predicted that in 2050 at least 90% of the energy that Chile uses will be sustainable. This perspective brings out a lot of new opportunities on which can be anticipated. 

Fruit Sector
The fruit sector is very big in Chile, it is the biggest fruit exporter in the southern hemisphere. Despite this, Chile is behind when it comes to the modernisation of production. Due to this they still need a lot of manpower, causing a lot of time and money wastage. This is where Dutch companies can help out by providing the necessary equipment

Health Care
Chile has one of the best health systems in South America. However, there is still a big difference between the quality of the private hospitals, and the hospitals set up by the government. In order to reduce this gap, the Chilean government plans to spend a lot of money on health care in the next few years. The Netherlands can take advantage of this by providing and selling medical equipment. On top of this, the Netherlands has a lot of knowledge when it comes to designing hospitals and the use of the necessary equipment. This makes it possible to improve the quality of the health care system, make it more efficient, and reduce costs.


The culture is a mixture of Spanish of indigenous influences. Chili is known for its historic architecture, national parks and a diverse landscape stretched out throughout the whole country. In the capital Santiago, futuristic skyscrapers stand side by side with the colonial structures that have survived throughout the centuries. Anyone who takes a walk through the city will recognize a large number of different architectural styles. A highlight is the cathedral on the Plaza de Armas, which was built more than 260 years ago.

The country has a lot of different traditions and feast days. The famous myths and sagas of this archipelago inspire fun dressing up, horse races, and cooking local dishes like curanto. In the far north there are several pilgrimage sites, where tens of thousands of pilgrims go every year to pay tribute to their Madonnas. These passionate worships are a combination of Catholic and Native American beliefs.

The food tradition and recipes in Chile are known for the variety of flavors and ingredients. It derives mainly from the combination of traditional Spanish cuisine, Chilean indigenous Mapuche culture and local ingredients. It is also influenced by the country's diverse geography and climate with a wide variety of agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood. Moreover, Chile is one of the world's largest producers of wine, and many Chilean recipes are enhanced and accompanied by local wines.


Currently, the entire world is in the grip of the Coronavirus, and so is Chile. The impact of this situation was a significant element when deciding about the country of destination. Chile is the number one country in South America when it comes to vaccinating. Right now already half of their population has received a vaccine, and according to their schedule, they should have vaccine coverage by the end of 2021. Due to these numbers, we can (almost) say with certainty that we are able to travel to Chile in April / May next year. But remember, Corona is very unpredictable, and there are still a lot of things that can get in our way. Nevertheless, the predictions are very positive! We have multiple professional and independent organizations which keep us up-to-date regarding the Corona situation in Chile. 

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